8th Grade Science

Nancy E Westmoreland

Room 103 BMS

Welcome to 8th Grade Science 2018-2019. We are in for a great year at BMS.

Our topics of discussion include:

Force & Motion

Earth's Place in the Universe


Earth's Structure & Processes and Earth's Biological Diversity

The Science & Engineering Practices

Contact Me

Email Me: nancy.westmoreland@lcsdmail.net

Phone # 803-285-8473

Each Student will have access to:

Discovery Education account

2018-2019 Google Classroom for C Day - "All Classes"

2018-2019 Google Classroom - Specific Block

2017-2018 USATestPrep Account

About the Teacher...

...graduated 1984 from Winthrop College, 1987 USC College of Education.

...Erwin Elementary 1987 - 1993 6th grade & remediation program

...Barr Street Middle School/AR Rucker Middle 1993-2002

...Eastside Academy 2002-2007

Buford Middle School 2007-present

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8th Grade Science - We are ALL Scientist! Let's think like one...