Literacy Assessment Portfolio

Literacy Assessment Portfolio

Research shows that students reading below grade level at the end of third grade six times more likely to leave school without a diploma (Murname et. al., 2012). In the process of determining whether a student is promoted or retained, schools need to examine closely whether a student is exempt from retention per Read to Succeed legislation.

S.C. Code Ann. §59-155-160 (2014) of Act 284 states:

Beginning with the 2017- 2018 school year, a student must be retained in the third grade if the student fails to demonstrate reading proficiency at the end of the third grade as indicated by scoring at the lowest achievement level on the state summative reading assessment (“Does Not Meet” on the SC Ready).

The Read to Succeed Legislation provides several “good cause” exemptions for students to be placed in fourth grade even if they score at the lowest achievement level on the SC Ready and/or do not pass Summer Reading Camp. One exemption includes establishing a Literacy Assessment Portfolio (LAP) for every student (PreK-Grade 3) who is reading below grade level expectations. The LAP provides schools with documentation of student growth toward reaching grade-level proficiency.

Beginning in 2017-2018, all PreK-Grade 3 grade teachers are required by law to start a LAP for any student in their class who is reading below grade level. Teachers do not have to create LAP’s for students on/above grade level in reading. Grade-Level Target scores (GLT’s) for each grade level/assessment have been “pre-marked” within this document. Teachers will record student scores within the LAP. Please note that beginning in 2017-2018, the LCSD will use the revised F&P Instructional Levels for Reading Chart that has been correlated to NWEA Projected Proficiency Summary Report and the NWEA Lexile and SC Ready cut-scores using the linking study.

At the end of each school year, teachers will put completed LAP’s in a folder and place inside the student’s permanent record for the next year’s teacher to continue the documentation process.

Legislation also requires three samples of independently student produced work which best reflects a student’s reading and writing development to be included in the LAP (ex: running record, benchmark assessment, etc). You will need a sample from the beginning, middle, and end-of-the-year.

All three documents must be annotated and placed in the LAP folder at the end of the year as well.

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