Roman Military and Technology

The Roman Military was quite advanced and superior than other armies with their advanced technology and tactics for their time. The Rome Empire reached it's largest peak of control over land due to how fearsome and ruthless their military tactics were. Their tactics were very advanced in war, they conquered in legions in an advanced formation, their formations consisted of ten cohorts or battalions consisting of around 250-500 soldiers, those cohorts we backed up by one cavalry unit on each side of the cohorts. Lastly, behind the cohorts were the light troops and reserves. This tactic of heavy attack followed by light clean up led the Romans to claim land at a high rate. Their technology helped them achieve this. Their technological advancements included the onager was very similar to a catapult and hurled large stones, the "scorpion" which was much like a fixed crossbow and hurled large spears towards their enemies which can also be linked to it's more famous counter part, the balista could hurl large stones over 500 meters and 6 meters high. The last two great advancements of the Roman Military were the siege tower and the battering ram, the siege tower was mainly used to climb over the walls of castles and other towers, while the battering ram was set on wheels and used to break down the front doors of the castle that they happened to be besieging at the moment. With this technology and tactics, the Romans conquered many of their enemies and expanded their nation to a wide area of the Caribbean.