Inca Empire

The Inca Empire also known as the Land of the Four Quarters was the largest empire on the planet at its time, but fell at only a hundred years old. In that short period of time however they achieved a lot, and invented spectacular tools. The Incas were a clever civilization, that had a central government, a unified language, specialized professions, a system of communication known as the roadrunner, and much more. The Incas are also known for their unique art and architecture, they would build buildings wherever they conquered to show their dominance. The Inca Empire was thriving, until the Spaniards came and defeated them. The Spaniards arrived right after the Inca Empire just ended a civil war. The conquistador Francisco Pizarro killed the Incas emperor, Atahuallpa in 1533. Afterwards the Spaniards destroyed the Inca civilization. The Inca civilization, was a remarkable empire that fell to early.