dynasty of China 2100BCE - 589CE

the dynasty of china throughout 2100BCE -586 CE was a series of dynasties, Xia(Hsia) 2100-1600BCE, Shang 1600-1050 BCE, Zhou 1046-256BCE; Zhou was broken up between two parts Western Zhou 1046-771 BCE and Eastern 771-256 BCE. Qin 221-206 BCE. The Hans dynasty was broken up between two parts Western/former Han and Eastern/later Han 206BCE-220 CE. after the fall of the Hans dynasty the dynasties of china went though six different that was when Buddhism was introduced into china, this was between 220CE- 589 CE. the Three kingdoms rose in 220-265 CE. Jin dynasty rose right after Three Kingdoms 265-420. the final dynasty between the time of 2100BCE - 589 CE was the Northern and Southern dynasties 386-589 CE.