Timeline of the black plague

  • 1338-39 the plague is noted to begin in Asia.
  • 1347 plague spreads to Constantinople.
  • Oct 1347 plague arrives in Sicily on a ship from the east.
  • Dec 1347 plague hits Venice.
  • Early 1348 the plague spreads through the trade system. Very rapidly through North Africa, Syria, Egypt, Greece, Spain, France, and Palestine
  • Few months later 1348 the plague is found in Avignon, France where the pope lives
  • Late 1348 plague found in southern England
  • late 1349 plague found in Scotland and Ireland
  • 1351 pope's reps estimate 23,840,000 casualties to the plague 32% of Europe's population dead
  • 1352 plague hits Moscow and Kiev
  • 1664 great London plague 70,000 dead
  • Mid 1800's plague found in inland china
  • 1894 plague found in Hong Kong, moves to India where it kills 1,000,000 people approximately in the next 20 years.