Students United

Students United is supported by a wide diversity of students across each of the different grade levels at Woodgrove High School. Students United stands to increase cultural awareness and be a support system and safe space for all people no matter what their religious, ethnic, racial, LGBTQIA background may be. Students United is meant to be a safe space to discuss topics of discrimination not only here in the United States but in areas around the globe through monthly themed discussions that we hold during our club meetings, all in order to find resolutions to these problems.

One of the events Students United is proud to hold each year is our International Night! International Night this year, 2019, will be held Thursday, April 4th at 6:30 pm. International Night is a night in which we host our Foreign Exchange students as well as all other students across the school in order to not only educate but celebrate and enjoy the diversity represented here at Woodgrove and bring light to talk and discuss discrimination not only affecting us here in the U.S but in places all over the world. Through a series of presentations and a potluck of foods from across the World, International Night is a fun and exciting event to experience cultures in a social and safe environment!