Targeted Instruction

High Quality Core Instruction

The Wisconsin Center for Response To Intervention (RTI) defines high quality core instruction as curriculum, instruction and assessment that is:

  • Engaging and differentiated through the principles of Universal Design for Learning
  • Standards based
  • Data driven
  • Research and evidence based

All students should receive high-quality, culturally responsive universal academic instruction that is differentiated for student need and aligned with state and local standards. Standards assist in providing consistent grade-level benchmarks.

LCPS students in grades K-8 receive core reading instruction using balanced literacy and the components of the reading and writing workshop

LCPS Gen Ed Tier 2 Instructional Match Matrix_w_022520.pdf

Recommended Reading Intervention

Includes recommended evidenced-based intervention to be used with students in need of targeted Tier 2 support and recommendations for intensifying Tier 3 supports

LCPS SPED Instructional Match Matrix_w_020520.pdf

Specialized Reading Instruction

Includes recommended evidenced-based intervention for use with students with reading-related disabilities

webiste Defining Features of Tiered Math Support_012720.pdf

Defining Features of Tiered Math Support

Includes evidenced-based best practices and resources to support Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 math instruction and/or intervention