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SEL Practices to Build Competencies at Home

Social-emotional learning is an ongoing process & not simply a strategy to address a specific behavior or situation. Everyday interactions parents have with their children are potential opportunities to build SEL competencies.

Practice at Home:

  • Focus on Strengths- Helping your child identify strengths helps to build self-efficacy & the ability to persist through difficult times.
  • Use Visuals for Planning- Check-lists & other visuals help children see what needs to be done to succeed, as well as experience pride as goals are met.
  • Ask your child about feelings to help students build self-awareness & communication of needs.
  • Stay calm when angry & model calm-down strategies. Explain to your child what you are doing & why.
  • Be willing to apologize & admit when you've made a mistake.
  • Build empathy by encouraging your child to help & share within your family & community.
Source: EdSurge

Home Links are sent home weekly & help parents engage in SEL with their children.

Second Step SEL Home Links for Elementary

Teachers using the Second Step curriculum are engaging parents in SEL through "Home Links". These are weekly updates to provide an overview of skills being taught, suggested questions to ask your child, & activities to do together at home.

The additional resources below are available to parents through the Second Step Parent Dashboard, accessible with the Parent Access Code shared by the teacher.

Mini-Posters: Visuals for Reinforcing SEL Strategies

Conversation Guide: Steps to Help Families Problem-Solve Using Skills Taught at School

Book Lists: Books for Children & Adults Related to SEL

Games & Songs:

Directions to Games & Lyrics to Songs Taught at School

Online Resources from Committee for Children

Committee for Children has been helping children thrive through social-emotional learning for over 40-years. As creators of Second Step, they continue to provide educators & parents with resources to support SEL at home & in school.

Visit the Committee for Children Blog to learn more.

SEL Through Stories

Many books have messages and lessons linked to the core competencies for social-emotional learning: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, & Responsible Decision-Making. Reading these stories & discussing them with your child is a great way to help build knowledge & skills around these competencies.

For a list of books for social-emotional learning, please click HERE.

Sesame Street Resources

Life comes with everyday challenges, even for our children. Committee for Children (creators of Second Step) and Sesame Street have collaborated to provide parents with resources and strategies to help connect what children learn in school and what they learn at home with their families.

Explore printable downloads, songs, activities, and videos HERE!

Family Guide: General Resilience

Tips for Calming Down, Practicing Patience, & Overcoming Mistakes