Mr. Flanagan

The Algebra Guy

Mr. Flanagan is returning to Heritage High School to begin his twenty-sixth year in Virginia public schools and is excited to collaborate with the Special Education and Mathematics Departments. He comes from a family of educators and instills the importance of a strong education in his students and children. Mr. Flanagan earned his bachelor's degree from Old Dominion University and completed his Master's in Education at George Mason University shortly after. After fourteen years as a teacher and educational diagnostician, Mr. Flanagan returned to school and earned his administrative endorsement from The George Washington University. He served as an Assistant Principal at Kempsville High School for five years in Virginia Beach before returning with his family to Northern Virginia where he grew up. Mr. Flanagan is excited to have the opportunity to help his Pride learn Algebra I at Heritage High School.

Heritage High School

520 Evergreen Mills Road SE Leesburg, VA 20175


Room 315

Course Expectations

Course expectations are posted on each of my corresponding Schoology Course pages for Algebra I, Algebra Series Part I and Algebra Series Part II.


Homework will be provided occasionally and not on a routine basis. Homework is intended to be an extension of learning which utilizes critical thinking. It is expected that students will complete homework that is provided on a consistent basis. Notes and practice materials are available on our Schoology Course page along with most keys for reference.


It is my goal to provide my students with a high quality education each and every day. To get the most of this, they must be willing to work hard, take risks, and have fun along the way. The following information is provided to help students be as successful as possible.

  • Absence Policy: If students are absent from class, they must see me when they return so that we can get them the work that was missed. They can check our Schoology website for the materials. They will be able to print work directly so that they are prepared when they return. I will have copies of all missed work in class when they return also.

  • Schoology: Students are automatically enrolled in the corresponding Schoology course. Students are able to access our Course Information, Course Contents, Assessments, and Aditional Resources in the Schoology course. Also, parents will automatically be linked to their child's Schoolgy Courses.

Algebra 1 (Block 1A)

Algebra 1 Part 1 (Block 5B)

Algebra 1 Part 2 (Blocks 2A, 4A and 8B)

  • Extra-Help: Students may email me to make an appointment if they feel that they need assistance outside of our classroom time. If students are having trouble, it is important that they notify me early! Students need to be proactive so that they are able to stay current with the work!

  • Technology Used: Students are expected to bring their Chromebook charged to class each block. We will be utilizing the DESMOS online graphing calculator application throughout the year along with a number of other programs to assess their understanding and explore the Algebra I curriculum.

  • Grading and Assessment: In Phoenix, assignments are recorded as formative assessments and summative assessments. Formative assessments will be used to measure student growth to determine areas of need and enrichment. These formative assessments are used at times towards a student’s grade. Most of the formative assessments will be communicated on a 4-point scale (4,3,2,1) or a Satisfactory(S)/ Unsatisfactory(U) scale. Examples of formative assessments may include warm-ups, mastery checks, homework, exit tickets, etc. Formative assessment grades do not get counted students' final grades. Summative assessments count toward a student’s grade and may include: projects, quizzes, tests, spiral assessments, quarterly cumulative assessments, etc. You will see these as points, percentage, and letter grade in Phoenix. We will have both major summative grades which are typically tests and quests as well as minor summative grades which are our quizzes.

  • Cell Phones: Students will occasionally need their cell phones for class, but must keep them put away until given permission to have them out. I do allow students to utilize their phones to listen to their music during assessments and often while working on individual assignments.

  • Communication: Please use this Google webpage to obtain my contact information and a link to my Schoology webpages. My Schoology sites contains the syllabus, classroom assignments and notes. Parents may expect that I will make contact home to recognize positive behaviors as well as offer corrective feedback and support. Parents are encouraged to contact me early if there are academic or behavioral concerns regarding their student. Parents are also encouraged to regularly access Phoenix ParentVue to monitor student progress in class.

Remind- I do plan on utilizing the Remind App from time to time to send reminders regarding upcoming assessments and projects.

  • Mr. Flanagan's Class Schedule

Block A1 - Algebra 1 (Rm. 315)

Block A2 - Algebra 1Part 2 (Rm. 315)

Block A3 - Planning (Rm. 315)

Block A4 - Algebra 1Part 2 (Rm. 315)

Block B5 - Algebra 1 Series Part 1 (Rm. 315)

Block B6 - Planning (Rm. 315)

Block B7 - Study Hall (Rm. 315)

Block B8 - Algebra 1 Series Part 2 (Rm. 315))