Mrs. roach

HPE Teacher

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I'm a Shenandoah University Graduate with a degree in Kinesiology. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of living a healthier life with my students.

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Course Expectations

HPE 10 and Driver Education

HPE: Physical Education allows students to self-select among a variety of lifetime activities. Health is taught through instructional units both in a classroom setting and in the gym through movement, when appropriate.

Driver Education: Along with preparing students for their driver's tests, Driver Ed will teach them the skills required of safe, responsible drivers. Units about alcohol safety, drug abuse awareness, aggressive driving, distracted driving, motorcycle awareness, and organ and tissue donation awareness are included.

Strength and Conditioning:

  • In this class, students will be able to learn and complete several types of workouts. Students will enhance their overall fitness levels by participating in strength training, cardiovascular endurance activities, speed & agility, and core.