Sara Woods

About Me

Mrs. Woods is entering her 14th year of teaching Physics, Chemistry, and various other sciences. This is her 6th year at Heritage High School. Previous experience in Philadelphia and the Baltimore suburbs. She holds a Bachelor of Science in General Science with coursework in Engineering and Education.

I am here to be a guide to success in the classroom and beyond. I became a teacher to inspire students, as I was inspired by my teachers.

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Course Expectations


See google classroom


  • If I’m absent I should check: Google Classroom
  • Resources for the class: Textbook and Google classroom
  • This teacher uses: Google Classroom
  • Where can I go if I need help in this class?

  • Technology Used in the class

computer/cell phone

  • Students will need their cell phones …

only if they forget their computer

  • Parents can join classes by going here…

Click on the link below to take you to our class's Google Classroom. Please note, your student login will be needed to access the class. Homework and other assignments will be posted chronologically in the classroom and tied directly into each student's Google Calendar. Without using a student's login, parents still have the possibility of getting information via Classroom’s email summaries known as Guardian access.