Here you can find each teacher's personal page, grade level information, tenative academic plans and this year's school calendar. If you have any questions, please reach out to your student's teacher. Thank you!


Call in an absence at 571-252-1921 or email FDEAbsentee@lcps.org with your student's first and last name, teacher, reason and date. Please CC your student's teacher on absent emails- thank you!

Date: 8-22-2020
Name: Maggie White
Teacher: Courtney Wong
Reason: fever, cough

Dismissal Changes

Call in a dismissal change at 571-252-1921 or email the front office staff at elsa.davis@lcps.org, cristina.finlayson@lcps.org and ximena.rosa@lcps.org with your student's first and last name, teacher, reason and date. Please CC your student's teacher on all dismissal change emails- thank you!

Your student will have homework every night except Friday. This will be in the form of a homework menu that includes options for all subjects, even studying for upcoming content tests. It is a LCPS guideline that students in 3rd grade have no more than 30 minutes of nightly homework.
The Student Agenda is introduced in 3rd grade! This is a great resource to build student responsibility. Every morning, students will write down homework assignments, upcoming tests, and events. Please check the agenda each night and initial it. Students need to bring their agendas back to school each day.

This year, 3rd grade lunch is from 11:10 - 11:40 am.

We will have a morning "working snack" in our 3rd grade class so you are welcome to pack something that is healthy for your student to eat. Please be mindful of what you send in as we are an allergy aware school.
Each week on Thursday, your student will come home with important papers from school including graded work, permission forms, notes, and school/PTA announcements. Please empty the folder and return it to school on Friday.
Schoology: Parent Guide


Students will be part of a "digital classroom" and will be assigned different activities to complete mainly in school. Students will have access to all posted assignments and practice materials.

3rd grade is the first year students take the SOL (Standards of Learning) tests. These tests are usually scheduled for May. Students will be tested in reading and math. More information about SOLs will come home later in the year.

Find extra printable copies of classroom permission forms here.

Unfortunately, we will not be having in-person field trips this year.


Chromebook acting wonky?

The Technology Support Center will be staffed from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday - Friday.