Mr. Fabin

Art 3, Art 4, & AP Studio Art Mr. Fabin Blocks A2 & A3

Art 3

Use a pen or pencil to create an observational drawing using hatch and/or cross-hatched lines for shading.

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Art 4

Create a Metamorphic Drawing

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AP Studio Art

Continue with your investigation.

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About Me

Ronald Fabin graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Art Education. He received his Masters of Arts in Education from Virginia Tech in 1988. Mr. Fabin is a Fulbright Scholar, spending a year teaching in a Comprehensive School in Northern England. This experience enabled him to study art in Europe, Russia and Egypt in addition to the United Kingdom. In 1998, Mr. Fabin was selected to participate in the Japanese Fulbright Memorial Fund Program. Funded by the Japanese government, he was granted a three-week study tour of Japan, with emphasis on Japanese government, education, history and culture.

After twenty-one years in the Winchester Public Schools System, Mr. Fabin taught one year at Stonebridge High School before opening the Art Department at Heritage High School.

Appointed by the Governor, Mr. Fabin recently served a three year term as a Commissioner for the Arts for the state of Virginia. He also served on the board of the Virginia Art Education Association (VAEA) for nine years, including two years as President. Mr. Fabin also served as President of the Blue Ridge Fine Arts League and President of Virginia Avenue Charlotte DeHart Elementary School in Winchester, in 2008.

The Blue Ridge Region of the VAEA named Mr. Fabin the Secondary Art Teacher of the Year in 1993. Additionally, he was recognized in 2003 as the Virginia Art Educator of the Year.

After retiring in 2017 with thirty-seven years of experience, Mr. Fabin returned to Heritage in a part-time position, providing instruction in Art 3, Art 4 and AP Studio Art.

Course Expectations

Art 3 Course Code: 242000

Grades 11-12 Credit:1

Prerequisite: Art 2 or two semester courses/year-long Photography

Students enhance and refine their personal techniques and styles through the further study of art history, art criticism, and aesthetics in relation to studio production. They begin to take the initiative for generating and designing studio assignments using advanced techniques, media, and concepts. Through the synthesis of art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics, students focus on the relevance of art throughout history and in their own lives. Students continue to develop their portfolios for use in demonstrating their progress and as an effective college entrance asset. During second semester, interested art students should consult with their instructor about requirements for the AP studio art portfolio.

Expected Hours of Homework: one half hour per week

A successful student is dedicated, interested, creative, attentive and organized.

Art 4 Course Code: 243000

Grades 11-12 Credit:1

Prerequisite: Art 3 or Art 2 and two semester courses/year-long Photography

Art 4 provides the advanced student with opportunities to initiate and design studio units of study. With the instructor’s guidance and consultation, students work in a variety of media as they pursue individual creative and expressive ideas. They continue to enhance and refine personal techniques and style through further study of art history, art criticism, and aesthetics. They also further develop their portfolios. Options for study and employment in the arts after high school are discussed. Presentations by local art professionals and visits to museums further the students’ art appreciation and understanding.

Expected Hours of Homework: one half hour per week

A successful student is dedicated, interested, creative, attentive and organized.

Studio Art Advanced Placement, weighted 1.0 Course Code: 249100

Grade 12 Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Art 3 or Art 2 and two semester courses/year-long Photography

Within the Art 4 class setting, motivated advanced art students may choose to complete the AP Studio Art portfolio, following AP guidelines. Developing the portfolio involves extensive additional studio time devoted to connecting critical thinking and the conceptual skills to expressive studio technique. The portfolio requires numerous works within either drawing, 2-dimensional design, or 3-dimensional design. Also, students work with their art teacher to capture digital images of their artworks that adhere to the image submission requirements. The portfolio is an excellent opportunity for students to develop an effective college or university, art school, or art-related employment application tool. Students have the opportunity to take the AP Studio Art Portfolio Exam in May with the possibility of earning college credit.

Expected Hours of Homework: Three to four hours per week

A successful student is dedicated, interested, creative, attentive and organized.

Contact Info

Mr. Fabin being introduced to HRH Princess of Wales in 1985.


Homework for both Art 3 and Art 4 is sixty minutes of observational drawing in the sketchbook.

This Sketchbook grade includes work completed in the sketchbook during instructional time (referred to as Warm-ups completed in the first ten minutes of each class), as well as homework (completed outside of the classroom).

Homework for AP Studio Art is one project of the artist’s choice (completed outside of class in a two week period of time).