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All the information on this website can be found in the LCPS 2021 - 2022 Program of Studies. Below you will find excerpts from the Program of Studies and other information helpful during Course Registration. Please review the Program of Studies completely and feel free to speak with your counselors for more information.

Academic Departments




Social Studies

Health and PE

World Language

Career and Technical Education

Fine and Performing Arts


NOVA Dual Enrollment Checklist

  1. Discuss with your family and school counselor

  2. Apply to NOVA

  3. Verify Eligibility (Meet testing or GPA requirements)

  4. NOVA Dual Enrollment ( - Must be completed for any NVCC Dual Enrollment courses

  5. Complete registration at NVCC - set up email, photo ID, Office of Disabilities (If applicable)

Dual Enrollment Independent Science Research Transcript Release - Due May 1

Virtual Loudoun Portal - Summer Session Closes May 14th, Fall Session Closes August 13th.

Senior Release/ Waiver of Full-Day Attendance

Class Helper Application

PEER Helper Due May 1

Teacher Cadet - Due April 30th

Other Resources

High School Four Year Plan

Dominion Course List

Academic and Career Plan Presentation

- ACP Fillable Form

Schedule Changes

Course Changes

Students or parents are able to request a schedule change until Jun 15th, 2021. Schedule changes can be requested through this Google Form.

Course changes after Zero Day of the school year will only be honored for authorized academic reasons. Examples may be listed below:

  • Passed credit previously

  • Does not meet prerequisite

  • Missing an academic course

  • Missing a graduation requirement

  • Adjustments needed for students Individualized Education Plan

  • Open or Double Scheduled block

Prohibited Changes

The following requests will not be reviewed by Dominion School Counselors:

  • Changes to the student chosen elective after June 15th

  • Requests for a specific teacher or block

  • Any change that would place a section over-capacity

  • Starting a new course after 20 hours of instruction

Course Level Changes

Requests to drop down in rigor level from an accelerated yearlong course (i.e., from an Honors level to an Academic level) are not considered prior to the first Interim Time unless otherwise deemed necessary by the building principal/designee. Prior to requesting a drop down in rigor level, communication between student, teacher, parent or guardian, and counselor should take place to support the student in their attempted strategies for success at the selected level of rigor (ie. student should have conference with teacher to develop individualized plan improvement, visit AP Support Center/Math Lab/Writing Center, student should have satisfactory attendance and participation in classroom activities). If after attempted strategies for success and collaboration with all involved parties, a drop down in rigor level is still requested, the request is passed on to the building principal/designee to be reviewed for approval.

If approved, a request to drop down in rigor level will only be made if space is available in the desired course level. The schedule change may require changing other courses and/or teachers within the student’s schedule. School administration will determine the final placement of the new course (course block and teacher).

Course grades earned in the previous course will transfer to the new course. The student may be responsible for completing makeup work in the new level to cover any material not covered in the previous level.

GPA and Class Rank

Grade Point Average and Class Rank Grade point average (GPA) and class rank include all courses for which credit was earned or could have been earned in grades 9-12. Also included are the credit-bearing courses completed at the middle school level. When a course is repeated, both final course grades are included when calculating the GPA and rank. Based on their GPA, students are ranked at the beginning of the senior year and at the end of each semester of the senior year.

If a student withdraws from a course before the end of the eleventh week of the course, the course is not recorded on the scholastic record. All grades earned are recorded on the transcript. Partial credit is not given for year-long courses dropped at the end of the first semester; however, grades earned are included in the determination of grade point average and class rank.

If a student withdraws from a year-long course after the second week of second semester, WP, WF, or F will be recorded for the remaining grading periods. The final grade is recorded on the scholastic record and included when calculating grade point average and class rank if the grade is an F.

Advanced Placement, Honors, Dual Enrollment, Academy of Engineering and Technology, and Academy of Science courses are all weighted, receiving either 0.5 or 1.0 added to the point value of the grade, with the exception of a grade of “F.”

Beginning with the Class of 2025 and beyond, class ranking will transition to the Latin Honor System. For more information, please see School Board Regulation 5030-B-Reg.

Promotion in High School

High school students must have earned the minimum number of credits listed below to be promoted to the next grade level. A student’s grade level is not subject to change during the school year.

Grade 10: 5 credits

Grade 11: 11 credits

Grade 12: The student must be scheduled to meet all graduation requirements by June.

Standard and Verified Credits

A standard unit of credit is earned by passing a course with 140 clock hours of instruction. A verified unit of credit is earned by passing a course and its related end-of-course Standard of Learning (SOL) test where an end-of-course test is required. Students may repeat end-of-course tests to earn the verified credits needed for graduation.

Graduation Requirements

Advanced Studies Diploma


Minimum of 26 Credits Required

English 4

History/Social Science 4

Math 4

Science 4

Health/P.E. 2

World Language 3 (or 2 years of 2 languages)

Fine Arts or Career/Tech Elective 1

Personal Finance & Economics 1

Electives 3 ( including two sequential electives)

Virtual Course Required

CTE Credential Required

5 Verified Credits - Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science

Standard Diploma


Minimum of 22 Credits Required

English 4

History/Social Science 3

Math 3

Science 3

Health/P.E. 2

World Language, Fine Arts, or CTE 2

*1 must be in Fine Art or CTE

Personal Finance & Economics 1

Electives 4 (including two sequential electives)

Virtual Course Required

CTE Credential Required

5 Verified Credits - Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science

*Accommodations for Graduation requirements may be available for students with disabilities, including the Applied Studies Diploma. These accommodations are addressed in the student's Individualized Education Plan. Students may speak with their Case Manager or School Counselor for more information.