Welcome to the Discovery Library!

Ms. Brittany Biesecker, Librarian

Mrs. Lindsay Davis, Library Assistant

Phone: (571) 252-2370 x86309

Library Hours: 7:30 - 2:30 Mon - Fri

Library Letters 1-19.pdf

Weekly Fixed Schedule

Lessons: The Discovery Library operates on a fixed/flexible schedule. All Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes come to the library at a set time every week for 30 minutes. Students in Grades 2 - 5 come to the library as determined by the classroom teacher and curriculum needs. These lessons are collaborative and co-taught between the librarian and teacher. Teachers may sign up for blocks of time on the library's online calendar (see Flexible Calendar under Collaboration). There is no limit to how many times teachers may come to the library for lessons.

Checkout: In addition to weekly classes, students may come down to the library any time between 7:30 to 2:30 to check out new books. Grades 2 - 5 may also stay for additional time after any lesson for class checkout.

Coming Soon...

  • Whole-Number Dewey (nonfiction)
  • Fiction Genrefication
  • Biographies by Category
  • Series Baskets
  • Labeling Non-Numbered Series
  • Updated Circulation Desk
  • NEW Library Chairs
  • NEW Reading Area