Mr. Jessie Green
Director of School Counseling &
Student Services
Ms. Susan James
Grades 9-11: A-BR
Grade 12: A-CO
Ms. Elizabeth Dekenipp
Grades 9-11: BU-DH
Grade 12: CR-HA
Mrs. Tobi Rouse
Grades 9 -11: DI-GR
Grade 12: HE-LA
Ms. Edna Rivera
Grades 9 -11: GU-KA
Grade 12: LE-PL
Mrs. Kimberley Pond
Grades 9-11: KE-MAN
Grade 12: PO-S
Ms. Erin Holland
Grades 9-11: MAO-PO
Grade 12: T
Ms. Lacey RollinsGrades 9-11: PR-STGrade 12: V-WOL
Mr. Eric SchneiderGrades 9-11: SU-ZGrade 12: WOM-Z
Mrs. Kristin Quimby
School Social Worker
Dr. Rob Urbassik
School Psychologist
Ms. Corina Lawson
Counseling Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Rae Comparin
College & Career Center Assistant
Ms. Jashan Grewal
Student Assistance Specialist
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  • Students thrive when their individuality is recognized and encouraged in a school setting.

  • All students can be productive and responsible citizens in a technologically driven society.

  • All students can have a successful high school experience.

  • Students who believe that they can achieve will achieve.

  • All students will graduate with a post-secondary plan that is tailored to their interests, skills, and goals.

  • All students should feel safe and secure in school.

  • School counselors are intentional in their working with and supporting of students.

  • Students will advocate for their peers.

  • Every student knows that there is a trusted faculty or staff person that cares about them.

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