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In case you wanted to know, here's some stuff about me! I earned a Bachelor of Science in geology from the University of Mary Washington and a Masters in paleobiology from George Mason University. I spent the first part of my career working as a vertebrate paleontologist focusing on dinosaurs and other reptiles before transitioning to teaching. In addition to high school earth science, I have taught geology labs at GMU for almost fifteen years. I love bringing my experiences from the field, particularly in Texas and the badlands of eastern Montana, into the classroom!

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Course Expectations


We will survey major concepts and topics in Earth Science such as meteorology, oceanography, geology and astronomy. Science is collaborative and you will have many opportunities to work with your peers to better understand the these subjects and foster a respect for the world we live in. You will be able to analyze and interpret data, and learn to think critically. You should also expect to have some fun along the way!


All homework and classwork will be available on Google Classroom.


  • Where do I find all assignments and information for this class? We use Google Classroom. Here is the link:

  • What should I do if I’m absent? Check Google Classroom and complete the assignments before returning to class.

  • Where can I go if I need help in this class?
    • Start with me. That's what I'm here for. Email me or talk to me in class. We can set up a meeting if you have something you need to discuss.
    • Get a pass and go to the Science Center, Room 502. There is always a science teacher on duty (except during our lunch block.)
    • To brush up on or master a topic giving you trouble, try Khan Academy:
    • Go to the Reading and Writing Center to polish up your written work.
    • Even YouTube can be a good resource. There are many great science videos out there.

  • Will I need a cell phone for this class? Alas, no. This is a very different question than "Will I want a cell phone for this class?" Of course you will. However, students will not need their cell phones. We will be able to complete all work using the Chromebooks. Have them charged and ready to go each day.

  • What materials will I need for this class? Nothing out of the ordinary.
    • pencils
    • 1.5" binder
    • colored pencils
    • loose leaf paper
    • calculator

  • How can parents join my Google Classroom? Send me an email (address above) and I will send an invitation to join.