Maria Ayoub

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Maria Ayoub is currently teaching the ELL Program. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Old Dominion University. Mrs. Ayoub has taught EFL for sixteen years in Brazil. She was a teacher and a coordinator at the Technical School of Business Management (ETFG) in the state of Minas Gerais. Over the span of time working at the ETFG she taught various ELL courses to high school English Language Learners. As a coordinator of the Foreign Language Department she provided evaluation and pedagogical support for the teachers involving 22 schools throughout the state of Minas Gerais. She was a representative of the Technical School of Business Management in Europe. She met with the Minister of Education, Culture and Arts of Austria and with English teachers of Bulgaria, Germany and Austria, to exchange ideas regarding methodologies of Modern Foreign Language teaching. .....

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Respect, Hard work


Homework will be available in the Google Classroom


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  • Come to room 312 during B8

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Computers and cell phones