iPad/Computer Cart Care

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Computer Use Expectations


1. Your help is needed in making sure students follow the technology rules outlined in the “Acceptable Use Policy”. Please ask for a copy if you are not aware of the rules. Reminder... there is no eating, drinking or food anywhere near the computers.

2. Students in your class should be assigned a computer and should use that computer throughout the year.

3. If students finish an assignment early, have a list of "Approved Sites" or "Approved Apps" they can visit. Student activities on the computers should be monitored at all time. In addition, please do not allow students to freely roam on the Internet.

4. Please make sure that all computers are returned to the correct slot and are plugged in to charge. Please make sure the cart is plugged in unless otherwise directed.

5. Please fill out a Technology Work Order if you find any of the equipment not working properly.

Please contact your school's tech coach or technician if you need assistance.