Jouett Elementary Library

Looking for good books to read this summer? Visit our public library to check out books from these suggested reading lists!

Kindergarten - 2nd grade 3rd - 5th grade

The Library needs your help! Please consider volunteering in the Library. Even an hour a week will make an impact and be greatly appreciated! If you are interested, please fill out the volunteer form by CLICKING HERE. You may also call or email Mrs. Lammonds at Thank you for your support!

The library is in need of Clorox wipes and Magic Erasers. If you are able to donate any of those items, Mrs. Lammonds would be grateful! Thank you!

Parents/guardians, if you would like to receive a reminder message the evening before your child’s library class to return their books, please text the following:

Monday classes--text @4a6eda to 810-10

Tuesday classes--text @f9d93b to 810-10

Wednesday classes--text @ahebhba to 810-10

Thursday classes--text @f2cbde to 810-10

Friday classes--text @b683g3 to 810-10

*Messages are sent through*