Hello, Jouett Trailblazers! I am Mrs. Lammonds and I am thrilled to be your new librarian! Just to let you know a little about me, I live in Lake Anna with my husband, Tim, and two sons, Josh and Ben. We also have two dogs, Toby and Holly. This will be my eighth year as a librarian and previously, I was a 4th grade teacher. I am truly looking forward to the new opportunities we will experience in the library this year!

Library information


All students have the privilege of checking out library books each week. We will be discussing proper book care and how to be a considerate library user during the first few weeks of school.

Students may renew a book if needed as long as it is not on hold for someone else. Students are encouraged to checkout at least one book they can read independently and another book of their choice.

Kindegarten: 1 book

1st-5th grade: 2 books

CLICK HERE to watch how to choose a library book.