Welcome Senior Class of '22


Congratulations to our graduating Seniors! Good luck to anywhere you go next and have an awesome summer!

Hello Seniors and welcome to the Senior Class of '22 website! A website made by students, for students! This is where you can find all the necessary information regarding the Senior Class Council such as officers, events, and meetings.

The Senior Class Council, led by the Senior Officers, is a group of dedicated students who work to plan Senior activities for lasting memories and a fun final year. Meetings are on Green club days and bi-weekly on Wednesdays in the Library.

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When and where will the Senior Trip be?

Senior Trip will be at Busch Gardens on May 13th! Permission forms have been out and the due date passed. We hope to see you there!

When is the next meeting?

We have no more meetings planned!

Check the calendar which is located right above the FAQ for all the meeting dates. We meet on Green Club days and bi-weekly on Wednesdays in the library.

Who are the class officers?

President Miles Coles

Vice President Rodney Taylor

Secretary Brynn Straley

Treasurer Gabby Whitefield

Learn more about us here.

What does Senior Class Council do?

The Senior Class Council is in charge of the events seniors can participate in such as senior class trip and class gift.

How can I join the council?

Please email one of the Council Officers or Ms.Watkins with your interest! Their email can be found on the Meet the Officers page.