Fall Play

by Justine Armbrust


Saturday, October 13th @7 p.m. and Sunday, October 14th @2 p.m. in the high school auditorium.

Tickets can be purchased at the door for $5.00. Come on out and support the arts.

Review on Clue


Justine Armbrust

It definitely was a mystery on how the Lincoln Community High School pulled off another spectacular play once again. Congratulations to the actors and actresses of LCHS! You guys did a wonderful job. Every moment was interesting. It's very nice to go to a play and be kept on your toes. This play was really well put together. I got way more than I was expecting out of it. I didn't expect them to be perfect, but with all honesty, and in my opinion, they really did complete with perfection. I feel like many kids aren't really told much about the school play, but from friends of mine I have heard that they feel welcomed there. In the play kids can be themselves. Classmates I have never even heard speak played main roles in the play. The students at LCHS really get to show who they really are on-stage in character. I believe the play went great. Although, I would like to try to get more people to come each and every time. I think it has a part with how well the play is talked about. Next time, I'm hoping more people get told about the play and go see it, because it was a job well-done.

Costumes and Props


Justine Armbrust

The costumes of Lincoln Community High School are very unique to each individual. The costumes speak for a good part of the play. How they're designed, where they came from, and what makes them so special to the play. The attire of the actors is usually based off of the characters. They find odd-ball clothing places to put different styles and clothing together, to create the type of character they are within their own style. That makes their costumes personalized, and showing not only the personality of the character, but also the personality of the actor. The students dress accordingly to their part. Their props come from wither a prop store or another random odd-balled store. Everyone has been dressing up for the final few days of practice. The play gets their clothes and props whenever they can find them. There is never anything to specific. Their attire is depended upon their character and their parts. What the actors feel is right for the characters and if they feel is speaks to their parts, they use it.

The Game


Justine Armbrust

Clue is a classic game played by solving clues to figure out who was the murderer, what the murder weapon was, and where it happened. If you figured out all of the clues you potentially cracked the case and won the game. Clue was invented in 1944 by Anthony Ernest Pratt. In 1944, Pratt invented Cluedo and filed for patent, three years later a patent was awarded to Pratt with sell rights to Waddington's Game. Waddington's Game marketed Cluedos game in 1949. The same year the Parker Brothers buys U.S. rights to game and renames it Clue. The classic board game has became one of America's favorite classics. When the board game became a movie, it took a surprise over many. John Landis was the original director and Carrie Fisher was the original Miss Scarlet. The movie originally had a fourth alternate ending. The game Clue has been modified and updated, since the first game ever hit the market. Hasbro Inc. updated the classic game of Clue to have younger characters, more weapons, and adding on new rooms. They have also changed the first name of all six characters, but their last names remained the same.



by Justine Armbrust

Do you have a "CLUE" on what's going on with the Fall Play? The Lincoln Community High School actors and actresses have been working really hard on making the game of CLUE come to life. They have been practicing their lines to perfection, in order to make the thrilling, fun-filled classic board game interesting to all ages. Even though a lot is happening on the stage, you can't forget about the behind the scenes students that work on the backgrounds of the play. They are going to be ready in about three weeks! If you think you got what it takes, try out for the school play. You might even be better than what you think! The fall play will be performed on October 13th and 14th. The chance to come support your fellow friends or the LCHS students, would be greatly appreciated considering the hard work they have put into it.