By Ty Qualters

Next Games

Date: 10-22-2018

Author: Ty Qualters

Tomorrow, October 23, varsity soccer will be playing an away game for the IHSA sectionals at Dunlap. As a matter of fact, they will also be playing IHSA sectionals at Dunlap for the following couple of games as well on October 24 and October 26. October 27, they will be still playing a sectional, but whoever they are playing is "TBA", on the calendar, or "to be announced" meaning there are no details at this time. That unfortunately includes location and all. Anyhow, the super sectional game is on October 30, and afterward are state finals. There are no details on last game, which happened to be IHSA regionals, because my source for varsity's performance and summary of the overall game was unavailable, and the calendar (schedule) seems untouched for the most part. If anything, it was probably like their last games, it would be nice to say they improved their defense so that they can hold up the second half (referencing last article), but there's no way to tell because I couldn't go to the game.

Last Game Details

Date: 10-14-2018

Author: Ty Qualters

Last varsity soccer game started off with a win 2 - 0 in the first half and ended up losing 2 - 3 in the second half against Effingham. Defense wasn't doing very well the second half. Reportedly, Brandon D'Andrea got the first point with Jace Macintosh getting the second in the first half. It seems that varsity's biggest problem is still its defense. It's been an ongoing issue for a while now. If it isn't dealt with, it could become a pretty big problem in the near future. No specifics on exactly what is wrong with defense, however, it's not stopping the offense from scoring and that's where the problem lies. If the other team can't score (easily), there is no way that they are going to win the game so long as varsity's offense can score a few themselves. Defense wasn't too bad the first half at least, and the other team didn't score, which is a good thing. It didn't win the game, but it won the half. Just looking at the score, it was a pretty close game for everyone.

Current Status Continued

Date: 10-9-18

Author: Ty Qualters

Last night's game has been cancelled. Next Tuesday, the varsity team will face Taylorville at 6:00 PM at Taylorville. Moreover, they will be facing Effingham on the 11th at Handlin Field, 5:30. No details were obtained on the team's last game, but whatever happened was probably similar to the previous game aforementioned in the previous article. If that's the case, the short story of things is that they need to work on their Defense, but other than that, they played well. Of course, they have probably worked to improve their defense game, so it might not be the case, which would be a good thing.

Current Status

Date: 10-2-18

Author: Ty Qualters

The Lincoln varsity soccer team seems in good standing at the moment for their upcoming games. Defense might need a little bit of work, but offense is seemingly fine for the most part. They will hopefully do as good as they can today versus Mt. Zion. Their last game was September 29th and reportedly ended similar to the previous one. Their next game is later today at 4:30PM. With luck and confidence, they can come out on top.

The team will be facing Chatham-Glenwood (playing an away game at MacArthur High School) after the Mt. Zion game at 4:30PM on October 4th. They could win. Especially if they try their hardest and get a little bit better at defense. Of course, there is no way to tell for sure how things will turn out until those games start, so all there is to do is practice and try to get ready for the few next upcoming game(s).

Upcoming games

Date: 9-24-2018

Author(s): Ty Qualters

Lincoln will be playing Springfield at Lee Field on September, 24, 2018. The varsity game will start at 5:00 PM (CST) and the Lincoln team will start their travel at around 3:30 PM (CST). They will be playing in the Charleston on the 25th at 4:30 PM (CST) and will leave at around 1:45 PM (CST).

(Cont.) Lincoln's Defense needs some work. They lost to Springfield on 9-24 with the other team scoring a point in the first half. Other than that, they might have a pretty good chance against Charleston.

Handlin Field

Date: 9-17-2018

Author(s): Ty Qualters

Today, the Boys Soccer team is playing Mahomet-Seymour at Handlin Field. (Home game.) The team looks promising, but the opponents could always put up a good go. As long as they try hard and play smart, the Boys Soccer team should have this win in the bag. The game will take place at 6:00 PM this evening.

Peformance and game summaries are from Austin Sanders*Dates and Teams are sourced from the LCHS Activities Schedule :*The schedule is never updated to show game statistics, so never expect any data of the such to be acquired from it.