Transformed Emotions

MINI-CONFERENCE ON September 28 ~ 9:30am-12PM in MIAMI

Biblical Hope & Help for the Anxious, Angry, & Depressed

Specialized Training for the Pastor, Counselor, Leader & People in Need


Desire to Feel Better?

Desire to begin a Counseling Ministry

Learn the same practical techniques and biblical concepts that have empowered hundreds to experience emotional transformation since 2003 at the Biblical Counseling Center. You can even use this mini-seminar as credit toward our counselor certification program through the online course: CHANGE THAT STICKS (click to view). We will equip you to counsel and even help you organize a counseling ministry in your community and church through the Biblical Counseling Network. By attending you will be able to live and minister the Scriptures more practically and persuasively to those in your life, church and community.

Tim Bryant, MA - Director of Lowcountry Biblical Counseling (Click for more)

Advancing Biblical Transformation through Counseling, Training and Resources.


Dr. John DeRosimo MD (view bio)

Dr Lisa DeRosimo MD (view bio)

Crossbridge Church (view more)

Dr Ron Allchin (view bio)

A.C.B.C. & I.A.B.C.

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Feelings are gifts from a good God. Even feelings of SAD, MAD, BAD or “FRAD” (afraid) can be used for good - if we do not follow them into the downward spiral.

We must use those feelings to motivate us to seek a greater perspective of hope in God and a greater application of His Word in life.

God calls us neither to follow or ignore our feelings, but rather transform them by renewing our minds by His Spirit.

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Includes outlines and assignments ready-to-use for counseling ministry or personal change.

We are coming in hopes that God will impassion and equip many in the ministry of biblical counseling resulting in the transformation of hundreds of individuals and families in Miami to the glory of Christ's Word. There are so many needs in our world. Imagine you / your church dispensing Christ's wisdom and power to those in need by being trained to counsel biblically - rebuilding lives "one soul at a time."

"Change that Sticks" is the essential core curriculum certified by both ACBC and IABC. The course can be taken at your-own-pace or in an online class structure. You will learn to both counsel others effectively and overcome personal and relational problems. Learn fundamental doctrines and practical methodologies from counselors who have over 25 years of counseling experience and trained hundreds of counselors.


Each track includes 24 or more in-depth sessions covering a wide-range of topics essential to biblical discipleship, counseling & change. Each course provides students with a 200 plus page manual, complete with outlines, reading lists, resources and counseling assignments. This training is certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and the International Association of Biblical Counselors and can be used to pursue certification with these organizations. Our training material is used for those seeking certification, as well as for those wanting to improve their ability to help others biblically or wanting biblical answers for their own problems.