Lakewood High School Online Resources

The goals for all Lakewood High School pathways are as follows:

  • Integrated program of study - The core elements of a high-quality Linked Learning pathways include the following experiences for all pathway students:

    1. A complete program of study which after successful completion, will result in a students’ eligibility for entry into the state public university system.

    2. A sequence of at least three industry-themed/CTE courses

    3. The integration of academic and work-based learning outcomes throughout the course of study, exemplified by interdisciplinary student projects aligned to college and career outcomes.

  • Work-based learning - Students develop skills that are critical to workplace success through exposure to career options and practical experience in careers of interest. These opportunities are aligned with the pathway theme to support content mastery through real world applications.

  • Student supports - Students benefit from a supportive learning environment that provides academic, socio-emotional, and college and career planning supports aligned to the pathway theme. Supports are designed to address the needs and interests of students, and ensure equitable access, opportunity, and success within the pathway.

Applied Technology Magnet

Digital Media, Arts & Communication

Health Occupations & Sports Medicine

Merit Scholars

Odyssey Academy

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