Educational Media 1

EDPT 204

Educational Media 1 (EDPT 204)

EDPT 204 is the introductory course for educational media and technology at McGill University.

It reviews the evolution of multimedia in education (audiovisual media & technology), while emphasizing concepts of media literacy, design, assessment, and critical thinking. The course also explores the underlying principles in design and production, and emphasizes learning and teaching rationales for appropriate and effective integration into learning environments (classrooms, or other contexts).

Instructional Design: The course takes a studio teaching and project-based learning method. The class time is made up of interactive mini-lectures, readings based discussion, guest speakers, briefings, small group hands-on work, projects, student led activities and presentations.

Students are expected to view, listen, or read the assigned material BEFORE each class, participate in the classroom and on-line discussions, as well actively engage in the production activities.

The course consists of two major components: educational media and media literacy/production:

  • Media Literacy: history --> audiovisual --> mass media --> educational media --> digital literacy.
  • Educational Media/Visual Literacy: text --> image --> audio --> video --> animation --> multimedia --> ebooks --> augmented reality.

Class is scheduled on:

Tuesdays --> 6:05PM to 8:55PM - from January 10 to April 11, 2017 in room 129 of the Education Building. 3700 McTavish Street.

Course website:

You will need to create a Twitter (hashtag #edpt204) account as well as a Mightybell account (( for your weekly reflection blog.

For more info on the course contact Sam Bruzzese at

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this you will have:

  • Demonstrated how to foster media literacy in course design and practice.
  • Demonstrated instructional design and assessment principles for effectively creating, using, and evaluating a variety of educational media and technology devices.
  • Evaluate a lesson (face-to-face, blended, elearning) for its evidence-based use of text, audio, and graphics.
  • Demonstrated their understanding of these principles through the creation and evaluation of learning materials for specific pedagogical objectives ~ including the QEP (Quebec Education Program) when relevant.

There are three required texts for the course. A paperback copy of the Hoeschsmann/Poyntz text must be purchased at the bookstore for $37.95. The other two books are also available at the bookstore but you can get the Kindle edition instead.

Gliksman, S. (2016). Creating media for learning: Student-centered projects across the curriculum. Corwin.

Hoechsmann, M., & Poyntz, S. R. (2012). Media literacies: A critical introduction. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. Available at the McGill Bookstore.

Toope, D., & Hammett, R. F. (2014). Digital technologies in the classroom. Pearson Education Canada.

Selected online articles will be provided on the course syllabus and in the MyCourses McGill LMS

An optional (for education students) but relevant text (Assessment That Matters: Using Technology to Personalize Learning by Kim Meldrum ) may also be purchased on Amazon Canada for $9.95

Supplemental articles taken from this peer reviewed collection.

Articles may be accessed by signing into your McGill Library account.

I also posted the book in PDF format on the course McGill My Courses page.

"Digital media literacy continues its rise in importance as a key skill in every discipline and profession". New Horizon Report K-12, 2012.