Audio Visual Services

Berkeley Lab's Audio Visual Services (AV) offers support to help your group effectively schedule, manage and host successful events in the virtual space. Additional services offered by the AV team include:

  • Support for Virtual Events

  • Audio/Video Editing and Publishing

  • Audio Visual Training Workshops

  • Audio Visual Equipment Upgrades

  • Digital Signage Solutions

  • Zoom Rooms

Support for Virtual Events

AV Services offers a five step approach to ensure the success of your virtual events:

  • Scheduling & Pre-event Consultation

  • Preparation & Practice Session

  • Real-time Remote Support

  • Video Editing & Publishing

  • Post Event Attendee Reports

Audio/Video Editing & Publishing

Berkeley Lab's Audio Visual Services (AV) can offer tips, important tools and shortcuts to help things run smoothly and maximize your virtual experience.

AV Services offers consultation, preparation, real-time remote support, video editing and post-event reporting services.

AV Services can also edit, trim or delete portions of pre-recorded videos and publish a clean final product to the library. If more extensive video editing is needed, contact the Creative Services Office.

Audio Visual Training Workshops

Groups of 10 or more can request an AV Services collaboration tools virtual training workshop. Submit a short list of issues your group would like to address. AV tech experts will schedule a 30 or 60 minute time slot to provide guidance and answer questions in real-time.

To view Berkeley Lab IT training resources, click here:

Audio Visual Equipment Upgrades

Are you interested in upgrading an existing office suite, conference room or entire building? AV Services can offer technical direction on AV infrastructure and ensure that 3rd party vendors adhere to Lab standards.

Digital Signage Solutions

If you're looking to mount an HDTV in a common area for digital signage, Berkeley Lab's IT AV Services can offer solutions to order equipment, safely install it and manage the content remotely.

AV Services Rates & Terms

Berkeley Lab's IT Audio Visual (AV) services are recharged to a department project and activity ID (PID) at a flat rate of $100/hour. The hourly rate applies to ALL support services. A four (4) hour minimum of $400 charge applies when AV staffing is requested for the duration of any event.

Request AV Support

To request any of the services described above, fill out an AV Request Form. An ASKUS request will be created, assigned to the AV Services group. You will receive an email confirmation from the ASKUS system.

Please submit AV support requests with 2 weeks advanced notice. Any requests made with less than 48 business hours advance notice will be billed at double time.

Note: the AV team may not be able to support late notice requests due to existing staff commitments.