Ptycho Developer, 2019

Berkeley, CA

June 3-5, 2019, Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Local contacts: S. Marchesini (CRD - Chair), B. Enders (NERSC-Co Chair), P. Enfedaque (CRD), H. Krishnan (CRD), D. Shapiro(ALS)

US-DOE labs contacts: D. Gursoy (ANL), S. Campbel (BNL), C. Sweeney (LANL)

Perseverance Hall, Building 54, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

The goal

of the workshop is to bring together developers and practitioners of ptychography to assess the current landscape of available algorithms and software, investigate commonalities and discuss a range of topics, from required theoretical and algorithmic advancements and unmet needs on through to practical issues of implementation and deployment.

Main topics:

1) Ptycho / Tomo Software solutions: Descriptions, demonstration and presentation of existing (and future) reconstruction solutions.

2) Workflows: Discussion of end-to-end pipelines for ptychography data acquisition, storage, transmission and processing. Mainly focusing software and architecture.

3) Algorithms: Phase retrieval, Illumination retrieval, Tomography, Multi-slice, Partial coherence, Background retrieval, drifts, phase unwrapping, fluctuations, structured illumination, and so on.

Secondary objectives:

1) Data Bank: The goal is to build a new open-access repository of ptychographic datasets that can be used as a reference by the community. Stimulate commitment /usage via publication with the widest possible participation.

2) Data Format: Design and agree on a common standard or data exchange for ptycho(-tomo) datasets with the biggest possible consensus across institutions, scientists and developers. Similar strategy as with the data bank.

3) Benchmarks: Develop a benchmark reference framework to assess the performance of ptychography algorithms and solutions.

The ultimate goal of this workshop is to compare notes and open/enhance collaboration channels that could benefit all the ptychography community.

Confirmed speakers

  • Vincent Favre-Nicolin (ESRF, France)
  • Andreas Schropp (Petra III / DESY, Germany)
  • Julio da Silva (ESRF, France)
  • Pierre Thibault, ( University of Southampton, United Kingdom)
  • Aaron Parsons (Diamond Light Source , United Kingdom)
  • Peng Li, (Institut Fresnel (CNRS), France)
  • Klaus Wakonig (Swiss Light Source / PSI, Switzerland)
  • Doga Gursoy (Advanced Photon Source, ANL, US)
  • Esther Tsai (NSLS II, BNL, US)
  • Laura Waller (EECS, UC Berkeley)
  • Philipp Pelz (NCEM, US)
  • Albert Fannjiang (UCD, US)
  • Saugat Kandel (Northwestern, US)


Perseverance Hall, Building 54, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (Directions) (site map) (shuttle from downtown Berkeley)



June 4th 2019


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Registrants need to book their own lodging though we could help you finding one if necessary.

The guest house is very convenient for experiments but not quite necessary for this workshop. The lab is not far from UC Berkeley campus and downtown Berkeley, where any sort of evening socialization will happen. Please use booking reference B01819 when booking with the guest house to use rooms from our preallocated block.

Beyond airbnb and hotels another option is the Faculty Club

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Contact <> for the local organizers (Stefano Marchesini, Bjoern Enders, David Shapiro, Hari Krishnan, Pablo Enfedaque).