Berkeley Lab IT Status

AT&T In-Building Mobile Phone Outage 04 November 2019

Updated 11/02/2019 12:44PM

AT&T in-building mobile phone service on the main LBL Hill Campus will be offline Monday, 04 November, 2019 from 06:00AM to 02:00PM for hardware maintenance by AT&T to repair and/or replace failed components.

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PG&E Public Safety Power Outage 25 October 2019

Updated 10/29/2019 4:16PM

All IT services including HPC have returned to normal operation.


Updated 10/29/2019 at 11:28AM

IT is engaged in the re-energization of the Laboratory. We anticipate that all services except HPC will be available by the time the Laboratory is re-opened. HPC services require full cooling capacity in Building 50, which generally occurs 24 hours after re-energization.

At this time, IT service availability is generally the same as during the last PSPS Outage (though this is subject to change).

What systems are operational?

  • All Google Suite Services (gmail, docs, drive, calendar, etc) (For clarity, access to lbl email should function normally for all devices).
  • All Identity Management Services (login, phonebook, directory, etc)
  • Business Systems (FMS, HRIS, EHS Systems, etc)
  • Cloud Based Websites (Google Sites, WPengine, Pantheon, etc)
  •,, and
  • Core Networking and VPN
  • Telephones and Voicemail
  • Security Systems including Physical Access Control (where controllers have power)
  • Science Project Storage Service (SPSS) (Operational, but can be shut off at any time due to heat load issues)
  • Shared Drives (G, H, Grouper, etc) (Operational, but can be shut off at any time due to heat load issues)
  • The Helpdesk is operational at and available to provide assistance to offsite facilities and telecommuting employees.
  • All IT service teams are either fully operating remotely or on call (e.g. networking, telephony, security, collaboration, etc).

What systems were shut down?

  • LBL IT Provided HPC Services (Shut Down as of 10/25 COB)
  • Science Virtual Machine Services (SVM) (Shut down as of 10/26 9AM)
  • Systems in the Colo Facility (2109) (Operational for All Customers (were previously shut down as of 10/26 2PM)

Why do you use the word “Anticipated”

Emergency power is unpredictable. If generators fail, are required to be shutdown, or run out of fuel - or if cooling is insufficient to safely manage systems, systems will be shutdown.

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In the event of any disruption of IT services, this site will provide a means for Lab employees to communicate with each other and stay informed on the status of IT's operations.

The Emergency Status Information Line is: 1-800-445-5830.