Multi-physics Stellar Astrophysics Simulations at the Exascale

The ExaStar project is working to deliver an efficient, versatile, and portable code suite for multi-physics astrophysics simulations run on exascale machines. The project builds on the capabilities of current simulation codes (including FLASH and Castro), is based on the adaptive mesh refinement framework AMReX, and will include modules for hydrodynamics, advanced radiation-transport, nuclear reactions, and microphysics.

Target science includes multi-physics simulations of stellar explosions (such as supernovae and neutron star mergers) to address fundamental questions in nuclear astrophysics, such as the cosmic origin of the elements, the behavior of matter and neutrinos at extreme densities, and the sources of gravitational waves.

ExaStar is a collaboration between Berkeley Lab, Oak Ridge Lab, Argonne Lab, and StonyBrook University, and is an application development project within the DOE Exascale Computing Project.

ECP AD Project: WBS ADSE18-Astro "Modeling Stellar Explosions: Quintessential Multi-Physics Simulations"