AWARD / Requirements / process


  • Supports 40 hours/week during the summer session, and 20 hours/week during the academic year for the graduate student
  • Financial support for the Student's Faculty Advisor

Berkeley Lab Provides:

  • A unique experience to work at one of the world's leading scientific laboratories;
  • Opportunity to work as a team member on a cutting-edge Earth and Environmental Sciences project and meet peers who have a similar passion for science;
  • Laboratory scientist who will work with CSUEB faculty advisor to provide joint oversight of the project
  • Access to appropriate research facilities, data sets, or other resources required to complete the proposed research
  • Professional development and enrichment opportunities and career networking
  • Unique experience to learn about the Berkeley Lab’s research mission and facilities, participate in seminars, lectures, and other research training activities.


  • Applicants must be full-time CSUEB graduate students enrolled in STEM disciplines
  • Students must be in good academic standing, and must remain in good academic standing throughout the project
  • The applicant's topic must be focused on Earth and Environmental Sciences, however all science and engineering majors are welcome to apply so long as their research topic aligns with earth and environmental sciences.
  • Students must commit a minimum of 100% time (40 hour/week) during the summer session, and 50% time (20 hours per week) during the academic session
  • The Applicant’s advisor must commit to provide collaborative supervision to the applicant with the Berkeley Lab mentor
  • Underrepresented minorities are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Students will present a seminar and brief summary report about their work at the end or their internship.

Procedures for Application (APPLICATION PERIOD IS NOW CLOSED):

Applicants are encouraged to first work with their selected academic advisor to identify and initiate discussion with the proposed national lab mentor prior to preparing and submitting their application.

The applicant must submit the following items:

  • A completed application form which contains the following components:
  • A description of the research plans and activities to be conducted during the 1 year internship term. The proposal will be reviewed for compliance with program requirements, eligibility, appropriateness of the research project for the National Labs, and concurrence of proposed Berkeley Lab scientist and CSUEB faculty about potential for success. No feedback or comments will be provided on the submitted proposal. The Plan must:
    • describe the objective and methods, as well as the expertise, facilities, data or other Berkeley Lab resources that will be used to complete the project;
    • demonstrate the feasibility of completing project objectives within the specified timeframe. The research conducted during the internship must contribute to the requirements for an MS thesis as approved by the CSUEB faculty advisor.
    • not exceed 3 pages (minimum 12 pt font with 1" margins), including figures or tables as needed.
  • It is necessary that the applicant, applicant’s academic advisor, and proposed national lab mentor discuss the proposed research prior to submission of this application. The applicant's academic advisor and proposed national lab mentor will be contacted to provide concurrence and approval of the proposed research.
  • The following documents:
    • A one-page reference letter from your selected faculty advisor. The letter should include an assessment of the applicant and comment on the significance of the applicant's research.
    • Applicant's academic transcript from CSUEB (unofficial transcripts are acceptable); and
    • Applicant's curriculum vitae (max 3 pages)

Evaluation and awards:

Berkeley Lab scientists chaired by Dr. Susan Hubbard, Associate Laboratory Director for the Earth and Environmental Sciences Area, will select a total of three finalists based on stated criteria.


  • May 18, 2018 - Applications Due
  • May 31, 2018 - Awards Announced
  • June 18, 2018 - Summer Program begins
  • April/May - Students present a seminar and submit summary reports


  • Susan Hubbard - Berkeley Lab
  • Ruth Tinnancher - Cal State University East Bay
  • Questions - send email to: