Advanced Light Source

Charge to the Scientific Advisory Committee

April 17-18, 2018

The ALS Scientific Advisory Committee is asked to consider the following topics and provide feedback on the proposed course of action, identify additional issues that should be considered, and offer relevant comments and recommendations.

  • ALS program in relation to the evolving US and world landscape of x-ray facilities
  • Evolving plans for the ALS upgrade. In particular, comments on the evolving plan for the accelerator upgrade, optics R&D, the process towards selecting ALS-U project beamlines, and the ALS-U team’s preparations for the CDR.
  • Advice on user suggested beamlines and their relation with ALS-U project beamlines.
  • Discussion of and guidance in regard to the observations and recommendations of the crosscutting reviews.
  • Breakout sessions with ALS staff: Cross-cutting review recommendations; reorganization of ALS beamline groups.

Additionally, comments and recommendations are welcome on any other important topics identified by the Committee.