Lawyers for Doctors Philippines

Lawyers For Doctors was started by a group of lawyers from the University of the Philippines (College of Law, Batch 2011). We started organizing last March 16, 2020, and with the overpouring of volunteers since then, we are now composed of lawyers from all over the Philippines, law students, and friends.

Our volunteers are exactly that: they receive no compensation for their tireless efforts. All cash donations are allotted for purchasing and distributing equipment (such as PPEs, hospital gowns, masks, etc.) and food for frontliners in public and private hospitals. Our growing number of supporters allows us to assemble teams responsible for procurement, matching, logistics, finance, etc., as we do our best to stay organized and keep up with the growing number of frontliners and hospitals who require help. Of course, our resources are mainly manpower and cash (which we pool from our own volunteers and fellow sympathizers).

We also do our part in other ways. For example, if there are people who would like to donate - but don’t know where to source the supplies needed - we offer to purchase it on their behalf through our growing roster of local and foreign suppliers, which is also expanding thanks to the resourcefulness and hard work of our volunteers. We hope you can find the time to look at our Facebook Page post to see where donations (in kind and cash) go.

Even without donating, anyone can also support our cause by simply liking our page and sharing it with friends and family. We believe that in these trying times, no act is too small to make a difference.

We hope that you are safe during these uncertain times, and appreciate any act of generosity that you can extend.

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