Southwest Elementary Library

Welcome to the Southwest Elementary library!

Library Mission Statement

It is the mission of the K-12 Library program to develop and encourage a life-long love of reading for information and pleasure; to create discriminate, efficient consumers of information; and provide access to appropriate and current resources supporting instruction and curriculum.

Meet your librarian!

Mrs. Green has been an outstanding librarian for our library for many years. She greets the students daily with smiles and helps them to find a love of reading. She enjoys being with her students every day. She is also the high school cheer coach and loves cheering on the Lawson Cardinals!

If you would like, you can contact Mrs. Green at Her plan time is 11-12 daily.

Our library encourages all students to become life long readers and find the love of reading.

Students may visit the library at any time, individually or with their class.

AR Book Find: Click the link to find out how many points your book is worth!

Click the link to find some great technology activities.

Click the link to find some great technology tools to use in your classroom.

Book Checkout Rules:

Books are checked out for ONE week. Please bring your book back each week for library time. Please keep your book in your backpack when you aren't reading it so you always know where it is!

4th graders - Check out up to 3 books

1st, 2nd, 3rd Graders - Check out up to 2 books

Kindergarten - Check out 1 book