Mrs. Lauren Heller

The fine arts are part of the richness and joy of living. We live in a world full of images--paintings, sculptures, TV, computers, advertisements, etc., all of which have messages to be interpreted. Studying fine arts helps develop the ability to recognize and express the meanings in those messages. The main reasons for taking fine arts in school are: 1) to learn to think creatively, critically and independently, 2) to learn more about our own culture and the cultures of others, and 3) to develop the ability to recognize and express ideas.


I am the high school art instructor. This year marks my eighth in teaching, seven of which I have spent at Lawson. I grew up in the neighboring town of Holt and graduated from Kearney High School in 2006. I have received my Bachelor's of Science Education degree in Art Education, and my Bachelor's of Fine Art degree in Studio Painting at the University of Central Missouri. I am also a District Representative for the Missouri Art Education Association and the president of CTA here at Lawson.


Hour 1: Art One 8:15-9:05

Hour2: Drawing 9:09-9:59

Hour 3: Plan 10:03-10:53

Hour 4: Art One 10:57-11:47

Hour 5: Sculpture/Ceramics 12:17-1:07

Hour 6: Art One 1:11-2:01

Hour 7: Painting 2:05-2:55