Clint Ross

Assistant Principal/A+ Coordinator

Lawson High School

A+ Paperwork and Items of Interest

2018-19 tut ment handbook booklet.doc
2018-2019 Updated A+ Student Agreement Etc..pdf
Do's and Dont's of Tutoring Sessions.doc
tutmenthandbook reflection.doc
Confirmation of Notification Blank.doc
A tutment workshop power point.ppt

Student Handbook, FAQ's and Helpful Thoughts

Student/Parent Sign-Off Sheet 2018-2019 Student Handbook

Sign off Page for Handbook 2018-2019.pdf
Student Handbook-HS 2018-2019.rtf.docx
In School Suspension 12-13.docx
2016-17 Bullying Law Changes, Education, Information.pdf

Career Center Information and Documentation

Career Center - start of school.pdf
Career Center Compliance Student-Parent Sign-off form.pdf

Video Clips for Back to School and Emergency Drill/Crisis Plan Situations

KEYS: Signals and Instructions for Possible Situations:

1)Before School, 2)During Lunch, 3)Between Classes 2018-2019 Back To School Video

Ross Keys Video.mp4
2018-19 back to school.mp4