Happy Horses

By: Jacqueline Portillo

Math~ How are horses measured?

Horses are measured in very different way from how other things are measured. Other things are measured in feet, inches, centimeters, and so on. But horses are measured in hands. The way this works is one hand equals four inches. For example if a horse is 14 hands tall it would really be 56 inches tall. Another example is if a horse is 58 inches tall it would be 14 hands and 2 inches tall.

Science~ How are miniature horses different from ponies?

A miniature horse is a horse that is under 3 feet tall. A pony is a horse of a small breed. Some ponies have a height under 14 hands and 2 inches, measured from the wedge they have by their shoulder blade. Miniature horses are different from ponies. One difference they have is their body size. Ponies have short legs, but the miniature horse has the same body parts a regular horse has. Another difference they have is they are measured differently. Another difference is their height. The maximum height for miniature horses is 38 inches. A ponies height range goes from 9.2 to 14.2 hands. The last difference is their bones. Miniature horses do not have the heavy bones that ponies often have.

Social Studies~ What part of the world do horses live in the most?

There are certain types of areas that each animal needs to survive. For example a panda lives in Central China, and alligators are from Florida. Horses have their own place too but it is more than one region. Horses live in almost every region except Antarctica and the North Arctic regions of North America.

Choice #1~ How do horses sleep?

Horses sleep in different ways. one way they sleep is lying down. They sleep this way for two reasons. They either sleep lying down because they feel comfortable that way or they need REM sleep. REM stands for rapid eye movement. Another way they sleep is standing up. The way they can do this is there is something in their legs that allows them to go to sleep without falling. The last way they like to sleep is using something called the buddy system. The buddy system is when one horse is sleeping and other horse watches over them. Then they switch of until everyone in their group has slept.

Choice #2~ Can horses see in the dark?

Horses can kind of see in the dark. They can see better than we can. They take longer to adapt to the lightness and the darkness than most animals. You have to give them about 15 minutes to adjust to the sudden change in light. They also have very good binocular vision which means it allows the horse to judge the depth and the distance with their eyes.

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~ A horse usually weighs about 840 - 2,200 pounds.

~ A horse usually eats about 15 - 20 pounds.

~ Since their eyes are on their side they almost see 360 degrees.

~ A female horse is called a mare.

~ Horse-back riding is considered a sport.

~ Horses can't vomit.

~ Horses have different markings on their face. The top five are called Blaze, Stripe, Star, Bald face, and a Snip

~ They can run 3 miles without getting tired.

~ A young female horse is called a filly.


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