Symposium Research

Andrew Kearney, Jessica Grady, Rachael Huff, and Kia Kowalo

Westminster College

Advisor - Dr. Helen Boylan

Advancing the ALLARM Mission through Web Site Enhancements and the Study of Water Quality Probes.

Lawrence and Mercer ALLARM is dedicated to engaging in local water quality and air quality monitoring, educating the community about the environmental, social, and economic implications of oil and gas industry, and empowering volunteers with the tools needed to assess the health of our natural resources. One of the improvements recently made to the program is the enhancement of the website ( to make the site more user-friendly for citizen scientists. Also, to improve the efficiency of the program’s citizen science initiative, we conducted an in-depth study of the probes used in the field to measure water quality indicators. The study compared two different types of probes commonly used by the program’s water testing volunteers. The objectives of our study are to determine which probes are the most consistent, and whether the test probes are more consistent when calibrated before each analysis. This poster will describe the enhancements made to the website as well as display the results of the probe study.

SSE poster part1.pdf
SSE poster part2.pdf
SSE poster part3.pdf