Outside Resources

Dickinson College ALLARM Documents

Provided by Dickinson College ALLARM, this document is their entire manual on why, how, where, and when we should monitor the quality of our water resources. Some focuses include how to set up a monitoring plan, how to measure, equipment use options, interpreting data, instructions for when water resources have been impacted.

Provided by Dickinson College ALLARM, this document provides all the information needed to visually assess the health status of a water resource. Topics include investigating water condition, appearance, vegetation, species, and riparian habitat.

Provided by Dickinson College ALLARM, this document is your guide to understanding the basics of hydraulic fracturing gas extraction. Topics include drilling site, equipment, materials, fracking fluids, waste generation and disposal, regulations, science of shale gas, and other related resources.

Provided by Dickinson College ALLARM, this is a small document providing information about the Marcellus shale formation in PA, regulations, top drilling companies, taxes, impact fees, waste fluid management, and other resources.

Pipeline Information

Created by the Pipeline Safety Trust, this document discusses pipeline basics, design and construction, safety and regulation, etc.

A case study document provided by the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania in 2012. This document analyzes safety, risks, construction, and regulation of pipelines on Lycoming county.

A technical reference to support the Case Study of Lycoming County that includes relevant data, maps, and scientific explanations of natural gas extraction and the pipeline process.

Other Documents

This document provides address and phone number information for reporting concerns or complaints to the PA DEP, PA Game Commission, PA Fish and Boat Commission, U.S. EPA, and Local Conservation Districts.

This document lists the address and phone number of all DEP, PA Fish & Boat Regional, County Conservation, and PA Game Commission Regional offices for each county in PA.

If you would like to contact a DEP regional office near you about oil and gas drilling, this map describes which office to contact based on your county.

A document from the PA DEP describing the development in Marcellus shale drilling, leasing, water use and waste disposal, monitoring, and contact information.

A 2013 report by the League of Women Voters of PA that describes the impact of shale gas extraction with an emphasis on environmental and public health. This is an update to the original Marcellus Shale Study Guides developed in 2009-2010 by the League of Women Voters of Indiana County.