Welcome to 8th Grade!

Hello and welcome to the 8th grade! We are so excited that you are with us this year. As an 8th grade team we look forward to many fun and exciting events throughout the year! Please visit each COHORT'S page for individual CLASS announcements/ASSIGNMENTS and this page for specific 8th grade announcements

Marking Period 2 Ends 2/26

Parent Teacher Conferences are Thursday 2/1

1:30-4pm and 6-8pm

We hope to see you there!

trip permission

Our Next Incentive Trip is coming up! Students who are eligible (No RCL/Suspension December 1 -January 4, No reflections December 19-Day of) will have an opportunity to see Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, at the movies on Friday, January 5th. Tickets are $10 and permission slips are due Wednesday, January 3rd! *Students may purchase snacks separately*

Trip has been reschedule for Friday 1/19

Please return the revised permission slip.

Trip Reschedule Permission

Congrats to our "Upstanders" of the 8th Grade!

Parent Teacher Conferences are Thursday 11/30

1:30-4pm and 6-8pm

We hope to see you there!

8th Grade November Incentive Trip!

The 8th grade will be going to Fun Station on November 22nd. $10 is due by Friday, November 17th. Students must be invited to come by their teachers. If a student has been written up and served a reflection after 11/8, or has served an RCL or suspension after 11/1, they are not eligible to attend. But don't worry, we have so many more great activities planned for the rest of the year!

Fun Station Permission Slip.pdf