Character Education

Each month we celebrate different character traits at Lavallette and as part of my guidance curriculum, I believe it is vital to teach and promote core ethics and values in our students. The purpose is to raise awareness and reiterate the importance of each traits in order to foster a successful school culture.


September - Honesty - The ability to be trustworthy with self and others. Acting with integrity. October - Respect -The consideration for self, others and the property of this school. Acceptance and tolerance of differences in people. November - Trustworthiness - Having gratitude and appreciation for others. Being able to keep promises and obligations.December - Responsibility - The ability to be make decisions and act independently. Being responsible for their own actions. January - Tolerance - Having the ability or willingness to tolerate different beliefs or practices in a civil and respectful manner. February - Self-Discipline - Demonstrating hard work controlling your emotions, words and actions.Thinking of self, others before action.March - Fairness -Treating everyone fairly without discrimination and being a good sport. April - Caring - Showing understanding of others by treating them with kindness, compassion, generosity and being forgiving. May - Citizenship - Being law abiding and involved in service to school, community and respect for country.June - Courage - Always doing the right thing despite of difficulties and having the willpower to stand up for what is right.

Character Education Winners

September - Honesty

Congratulations to: Isla. D, Liam. K, Mackenzie. M, Ella. M, Ethan. Z, Jimmy. B, Preslee. F, Katie. W and Gabriela. L!

October - Respect

Congratulations to: Alexander. R, Emma. D, Addyson. C, Giulianna. B, Kieran. F, Ashley. B, Michael. M, Michael. C and Kaleigh. R!

November - Trustworthiness

Congratulations to : Gia. G-G, Grayson. C, Logan. M, Evan. K, Barrett. B, Melina. L, Mia. M, Morgan. Z and Sam. Y!

December - Responsibility

Congratulations to: Declan. Q, Teagan. R, Lauren. G, Carter. Z, Sienna. S, Marley. F-M, Kelsey. M, Gab. K and Andrew. C!

January - Tolerance

Congratulations to: William. K, Colton. L, Giselle. R, Lily F, Kaylee. C, Vivian. A, Alli. V, Liam. B and Alanna. G!

February - Self Discipline

Congratulations to: Ross. D, Sarina. G, Christopher. S, Alyssa. B, Emma. Y, Marley. F, Anais. F, Declan. B and W.N!