The window to complete the School Experience survey is now open. Your input is extremely valuable. Please click on the appropriate link and complete the survey. The results the school receives from these surveys are what drives our Single Plan, resources and policies. Thank you for your participation.

It's that time again to complete our School Experience Survey (SES). Please keep in mind that the results the school receives from these surveys are what drives our Single Plan and resources. By the end of today, Period 2 Teachers will find the PARENT School Experience Surveys to be distributed to their 2nd period class tomorrow, Thursday, November 7. A connectEd will go out notifying parents to expect the surveys via their child. These surveys are personalized with the name of the student. It's one survey per family. Therefore, not all students will receive a survey to take home. Please distribute the surveys and instruct students to take them home for their parent/guardian to fill out. Again, THESE ARE PARENT SURVEYS. The completed surveys are to be returned to the 2nd period teacher. When you receive the completed surveys, for your convenience, please use the provided roster to check off the returned surveys; then forward the surveys to the Title I office. The surveys are due in Title I NO LATER THAN MONDAY, DECEMBER 2 in order to deliver them to the district before the deadline.

Students will be completing their survey online once again through their Science classes. Science teachers have graciously agreed to have students complete their survey in class on Friday, November 8. The window to complete the survey is open now and closes December 6th. Also, please note that for this survey, students will need their "10 digit LAUSD ID." In order to facilitate this, you will be provided with individualized cards to issue to students that includes their SID. The students will also have a link on their iPads labeled "SES." Please have them access this link which will open the survey to be completed.