Nurse chia's

virtual health office

Welcome to Nurse Chia's Virtual Health Office!

My Virtual Health Office is an easy way for you to find information, resources, and forms regarding your/your child's health that you may need. It is also a way for you to always know that even when I am not on campus, I can still be reached, and I am there for you. My Virtual Health Office is always open, my contact information and office hours are posted below, and I will respond to your emails on weekdays during the school year.

About me

My name is Andrea Chia and this is my second year with the LAUSD, although I have been a nurse for several years. I have been at the other end of healthcare, caring for people at their very sickest, and wanted the opportunity to help keep members of my community healthy, and to help teach healthy living.

For the 2020-2021 school year, I will be the school nurse for Irving Magnet Middle School and Dahlia Heights Elementary School.

Health-related Forms

Below you will find links to downloadable school forms that you may need. For medications to be administered at school, please download the appropriate form. For food allergies/sensitivities, please download the Special Diet form. These forms must be filled out and signed by the parent and the healthcare provider and then submitted to the school site. For all other protocols (seizure, diabetic, gastrostomy, etc.), please contact me directly and I will help you through it.


California state law requires that all students enrolled in school must be up-to-date with their immunizations. The following is the list of immunizations required for school:

  • DTaP/DTP/DT/Tdap/Td - 5 doses

  • Polio - 4 doses

  • Hepatitis B - 3 doses

  • MMR - 2 doses

  • Varicella - 2 doses

  • Tdap - 1 dose (after 7th birthday) required for enrollment in 7th grade

If you need help finding a clinic that can administer needed vaccines, please reach out to me and I will help you. Personal belief exemptions are no longer acceptable, temporary medical exemptions expire after one year, and medical exemptions must be done through by an MD or a DO licensed in the State of California.