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LAUSD 2022-26 Strategic Plan: Ready for the World!

For the next four years, Los Angeles Unified will focus on a singular goal: ensure ALL our students graduate READY FOR THE WORLD – to thrive in college, career, and life. This Strategic Plan represents a promise to our entire Los Angeles Unified community that we will achieve this goal. With this plan, we are establishing a new, inspiring vision on how we can improve student achievement and close opportunity gaps. We believe that by outlining a singular goal, and a vision for achieving this goal, we can ensure that everyone who is a part of Los Angeles Unified will be able to support and uplift our district together.

Our singular goal: ensure ALL our students graduate READY FOR THE WORLD – to thrive in college, career, and life.

Through a robust listening and engagement effort capturing diverse voices from across the District, we have established a shared vision of what student success looks like and what being ready for the world means; this plan will serve as a roadmap outlining all of the steps we will take to realize this vision. This plan is designed to inform actions that can be taken at the school site, through the district office, and in our communities to drive student success and move toward our singular goal, creating alignment across the District on the ways we can best serve our students and our school communities.

We acknowledge that the last two years have been difficult for our students, staff, and families – the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us in many ways and forced us to rethink how we provide for our students.

And while we will continue to respond to the impact of a pandemic still present in our communities, this plan will allow us to elevate the ways in which we have adapted positively to serve our students and highlight the promising practices we will institute to carry us forward. We will capture the urgency of our current moment and work together to transform into a stronger, more inclusive, and more responsive district.


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Students: Need Internet Access at Home?

The Los Angeles Unified School District is proud to introduce All Families Connected, a program to help ensure every student has reliable access to high-speed internet at home as well as at school. Made possible in large part by federal funding, the program is helping provide students with the access they need at home to complete assignments, interact with peers, track their progress, and more.

Thousands of families are eligible for this service at no cost to them. There are no income requirements. All that is necessary is for a family to inform the district that there are unmet needs in the home and to request support.

Here’s how it works: Parents/guardians can log on to device.lausd.net and answer a few questions about computing device and internet connectivity needs. For those whose needs aren’t being met, our teams check in with contracted service providers to determine services available. The provider then reaches out to eligible families to assist with establishing service, and LAUSD covers all costs.

Learn more about this program, get answers to your questions, or sign up for service at device.lausd.net/connect.

Register for the Parent Portal and Get The Daily Pass Now!
The LAUSD Parent Portal is an essential parent engagement tool to ensure that parents are connected and informed about LAUSD and their student's progress. It is also necessary to access the Daily Pass.

The Daily Pass represents an efficient way for schools to screen all students and adults that enter the school site as well as schedule COVID tests, submit COVID test results from an external provider (other than LAUSD), and schedule a vaccination for LAUSD employees at an LAUSD vaccination site.

The HEET Community of Schools now has one testing site at Audubon Middle School with weekly testing of students and staff occurring at all HEET School sites. Access the the Daily Pass here to schedule your testing appointment and more.

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