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Meet the School Counseling Department

Matt Horne

Elementary School Counseling

Mr. Horne is the counselor for grades K-6 as well as students receiving special education services.

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Ross Gardner

Secondary School Counseling

Mr. Gardner is our 7-12th grade counselor as well as students in those grades receiving special education services.

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Lisa Flachs

Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation

Mrs. Flachs teaches yoga, mindfulness & meditation to students. Yoga, mindfulness & meditation are interrelated activities that focus on the holistic well being of each student.

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What Services Are Offered?

  • Individual counseling

  • Small group counseling

  • Classroom guidance lessons

  • Crisis intervention

  • Consultation with parents & teachers

  • Coordination with outside agencies & therapists

  • Referrals for community services

Counseling Services

As per New York state regulations, every student will have access to a school counselor. If your child is in grades K-12 and is experiencing behavioral or emotional difficulties which are impacting their learning in school, there are school counselors and social workers here to help. A counselor may check in with your child and provide brief counseling. If the issue appears to be more pressing, we may refer them, with parent permission, for more scheduled counseling services in school or with an outside service provider.

LCS School Counseling Philosophy

The Laurens Central School Counseling Departments philosophy have adopted the guiding principles of the American School Counselors Association, the NYS School Counselor Association and the NYS Education Department Learning Standards. Our vision of school counseling in Laurens Central School is that all students will acquire the academic, career and social/emotional skills to reach their full educational potential and successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible, competent and productive citizens who respect themselves and others. Learn more about our Comprehensive School Counseling program.

School Counselors work to deliver a comprehensive and developmental program that address the social, career and academic needs of every student.

School Counselors deliver services to support student success in three ways:

  1. School guidance curriculum that addresses student career, social, and academic needs.

  2. Individual student planning that helps students to plan, monitor, and manage their own learning.

  3. Responsive Services such as individual counseling, small group counseling, community referral, and crisis intervention.