7th and 8th Grade

Math Classes

We are committed to preparing students to be leaders and citizens who are empowered with the language and processes of mathematics. We seek to inspire students to question the world through a critical lens, one which is always seeking to find solutions to problems that are efficient, elegant, and powerful. To this end, when we teach mathematics, we:

  1. Learn cooperatively. We learn best when we problem-solve together and where everyone’s talents are recognized. We work together not only to achieve the best possible outcome, but also to encourage our brains to be flexible in seeing a problem from multiple perspectives.
  2. Reflect on our process through discussion and writing. We don’t simply solve problems in order to get the right answer. We problem-solve so that we can learn new strategies and approaches. It is only through deep reflection that we can apply a strategy from one area to the next.
  3. Honor mistakes as a tool for reflection and growth. Mistakes are proof that you are trying. Without making mistakes, we cannot differentiate between successful and unsuccessful lines of thinking.
  4. Construct knowledge through investigation. We best understand that which we come to believe through experience. When we investigate and come to our own conclusions, we gain deeper understanding and are empowered to adapt our worldview to incorporate this new understanding.
  5. Approach mathematics as a tool that opens doors to a myriad of life choices. Not every student will grow up to be a mathematician, but we hope that every student has the opportunity to apply the mindsets learned in mathematics to their particular goals.

If you need to contact me please feel free to email me at ardenaw@laurajeffreyacademy.org or call 651-414-6000