Computer Science Elective

Los Altos School District

Learn to code in Python, one of the most popular languages today

Learn about the Internet, data and how computers work

Challenge yourself and have fun !


Course description

Do you want to learn Python, one of the most popular languages today.

Do you want to understand how computers work?

This fun hands-on class is designed to help you learn computer science skills so you can express your creativity and solve problems. Using the programming language Python, you will get a deeper understanding of how computers work, study algorithms, data, the internet and learn to design and code your own project. The course is open to all levels of previous experience and it will prepare you for future computer science classes and coding projects.


  • Python programming language including GUI
  • Algorithms - understanding how to design solutions, study of classic sort/search algorithms
  • Data - binary, text representation etc.
  • How the Internet works
  • Impact of computing

Teacher information

Sheena Vaidyanathan (Mrs V) has taught computer science at LASD during the last 9 years. She has also taught math, digital art and visual art at LASD. As the computer science integration specialist for the district, she creates curriculum and works with the LASD STEM team to integrate computer science in K-8. Prior to her teaching career, Sheena worked in Silicon Valley in technology as a computer scientist.

You can contact her by using the Google classroom email link.

The Jr High Computer Science Elective for 7th and 8th graders is