Let us know what improvements you would like to see at Chamisa and Pinon Elementary schools. Take a few minutes to answer our GO Bond Survey.


Los Alamos Public Schools is committed to helping our students attain the skills, knowledge, and abilities to succeed in 21st century society. Part of this commitment includes quality facilities. Over the past 10 years, LAPS has, with your help, invested in improvements at Los Alamos High School, Los Alamos Middle School, and Aspen Elementary School.

Currently, Barranca Elementary is going through a major renovation, including the replacement of over half of all classrooms. Mountain Elementary will see improvements to its HVAC and heating systems. Work on a new field house at Sullivan Field is scheduled to begin later this fall.

Barranca Elementary School Expected completion Spring 2020


Sullivan Field House Construction to begin November 2019

But there is more to do.

Both Chamisa and Pinon Elementary are over 50 years old and in need of improvements, as well as protective maintenance, and energy efficiency upgrades.

That's why we are asking our community to invest in the future of our students and our schools. While the school district receives local, state and federal funding for operations, grants and instructional programs, it cannot use these funds for the "bricks and mortar." Only money raised by GO Bonds can be used to build buildings, remodel, additions, furnish schools, and improve school grounds.


Los Alamos High School Completed Janaury 2012

Los Alamos Middle School Completed October 2013

Aspen Elementary School Completed October 2014

No Tax Increase

Voting for this bond will maintain the current tax rate and allow LAPS to reach the goal of raising $20 million to further improve our schools.

Important to Our Community

Our schools are an important part of Los Alamos. Improved schools add to the vitality of our community an attract prospective employees AND employers to ensure a strong and thriving work force.

Our Strongest Asset

Our children are our strongest asset. Our goal is that every child will discover and develop their unique strengths and thrive at the next level. Providing an improved and safe space for learning will enable us to achieve this goal.

Promises Made, Promises Kept

The LAPS School Board has promised the community to improve our facilities across the district. It is easy to see that they have kept their word, and continue to do so with their recent commitment to focus on our White Rock schools.